"Recently I finished my first esc volunteering. What we did was teach lessons in schools, organize quizzes, games and a bunch of other activities. Unexpectedly, I fell in love with working with children, even though it seemed very difficult at the beginning.

Another nice part of the project is the people.We were a big but friendly team from 8 countries. Many hours spent talking about our cultures, history and just about life made us so close that on the last day it was incredibly sad to say goodbye and I couldn't stop the tears.

For me, this project is about novelty and discovery: every day I learned interesting facts about living in Europe, learning languages ​​and communicating with people who have different experiences.

I even changed a lot as a person because I constantly faced challenges. For example, the first week of communicating exclusively in English was incredibly difficult and stressful.However, now I feel comfortable speaking another language, although I still make a lot of mistakes.
Also here I performed in front of a large audience for the first time, fortunately, I was supported by my team and even a girl from Poland.

Without a doubt, this is the best decision in my life, invaluable experience and warm memories.I am infinitely grateful to all the people with whom I spent this month and even more grateful to @ngo_stella_ for giving me the opportunity to be here and @biemsumdu for quality education at any time," first-year student Liza Shchegelska shares her memories.


On June 18–26, 2024, the graduate thesis defenses of bachelor students took place at the Department of Marketing.

They were held in a mixed format: online and live (June 18 and 25). It was a great opportunity to see each other, talk and enjoy these moments.

By the way, this year there were even more defenses in English!

Interesting topics, ambitious ideas, intriguing presentations...

Digital marketing and artificial intelligence, marketing communications based on the principles of effective waste management, marketing activities of advertising platforms, advertising activities of a restaurant, marketing strategy of a beauty salon, SMM strategy for the legal services promotion, marketing management in the theater arts, marketing of a textile B2B enterprise, digital marketing in the industry fashion…

We wish you unstoppable movement and even more pleasant meetings within the "university walls" during your master's studies.


Happy Birthday!

May every day be filled with joy,

with smiles and wonderful emotions!

Let dreams and wishes multiply and come true!

Good mood, enthusiasm, creative flights, powerful achievements!


On June 6-7, 2024, the defense of pre-diploma practice reports took place.

Marketing students of the 4th year presented their achievements during pre-diploma practice at enterprises of various industries:

  1. producer of varnish and paint materials LTD "Polysan";
  2. chain of pet stores "Master Zoo";
  3. textile factory "SumyKamvol";
  4. manufacturer of sanitary ware LTD "ADAMANT SK";
  5. the enterprise for processing and sale of medicinal plant raw materials LTD "Sumyfitopharmatsia";
  6. in the Horeca "Queen" (Sumy), "Sofochka"; "Esco Club" (Romny), "Viktoria" (Ulyanivka, Nedrigailiv);
  7. "Caporicco", "Comfort Room" clothing stores;
  8. bakeries LTD "Dionis Group" ("Family Bakery", "Sito", "Kebab");
  9. agro-industrial enterprises of PF "Komagroservice";
  10. specialist in the field of law, etc.

We wish you optimism, strength in conquering new heights and success in defending your bachelor's theses.


On June 6, 2024, the International scientific online conference "Innovation, Social and Economic Challenges" was held. Its participants were students and graduate students of the Department of Marketing.
The organizer of the conference is the Department of Marketing of Sumy State University.
A number of topical issues were discussed during the conference:

  1. development of the "Made in Ukraine" brand;
  2. features of green marketing
  3. research in neuromarketing
  4. digitization of business processes of IT enterprises

In general, the conference took place in the format of a lively discussion of pressing societal challenges. Its main messages will be published in the collection of materials.


Nataliia Letunovska, associate professor of the Department of Marketing, received a grant from the Fulbright Academic Exchange Program for a research internship at Pennsylvania State University (USA) in the fall of 2024.

This program aims to exchange specialists between Ukraine and the United States of America and to develop science and education comprehensively.

Nataliia's scientific research, which will be conducted in the USA, is related to the use of AI technologies in creating public awareness of healthy nutrition, stimulating conscious consumer behavior and public involvement in companies' marketing activities in the public catering field and healthy products manufacturing.

Nataliia aims to find out the explicit and implicit incentives that influence people when choosing food products, in particular in the "healthy" category, and to determine the marketing tools that are the most effective for further promoting the idea of developing a healthy personality in Ukraine, which begins with the "inner" self, namely with what we consume.

Congratulations to Natalia and we wish you the realization of your academic plans and an unforgettable trip to the internship country!


On June 6, 2024, the report of graduate students of the "Marketing" specialty of the first year of study was passed.Winners demonstrated their first scientific achievements.

Reports were presented by graduate students:

  1. Serhii PIMONENKO (dissertation topic "Formation of digital marketing strategy of IT enterprises", supervisor - Ph.D., Prof. Ya. Poltsyn)
  2. Dmytro DAVIDENKO (dissertation topic "Green marketing in the energy sector: the role of environmental awareness in advertising campaigns", supervisor - Doctor of Economics, Prof. O. Yu. Chygrin)
  3. Dmytro KHARCHENKO (dissertation topic "Formation of a marketing digital strategy for the positioning of educational institutions", scientific supervisor - Ph.D., Prof. Ya. Poltsyn)
  4. Andrii ZDOYMA (dissertation topic "Formation of a marketing strategy for the promotion of small and medium-sized businesses in social networks", supervisor - Doctor of Economics, Prof. Yu.V. Bilan)

All participants presented their successes and achievements in:

  1. publication activity, in particular report abstracts, articles in professional journals and publications in publications indexed by the Scopus / Web of Science databases;
  2. internships at foreign universities;
  3. active promotion in work on the dissertation.

We thank the graduate students for their work and wish them further success, inspiration and implementation of scientific developments in practical activities!


Happy Birthday!

May fortune always smile,

and the tailwind is only blowing!

May all your unstoppable plans, dreams and desires come true!

And every new day gives a great mood and inspires success in all matters!




PhD student of the 075 Marketing educational program,Serhiy PIMONENKO, received a grant to participate in the international NOGUA 2024 meeting, which took place from June 3 to 6 in Lviv! This meeting brought together experts from around the world to discuss the most important issues in the field of telecommunications. Additionally, Serhiy received a grant for network restoration in the frontline area, which is a crucial step in improving connectivity in the regions most affected by the conflict.

Network operators worldwide have united for the common goal: "Keep Ukraine Connected!" This initiative is key to ensuring stable communication and informational support for all citizens of Ukraine, especially in times of war. The NOGUA meeting became a platform for discussing urgent issues and demonstrating projects to restore Ukraine's telecommunications infrastructure. Participants shared experiences, presented innovative solutions, and developed joint strategies to improve the situation.

It's time for NOGUA - Network Operators Group of Ukraine! This association aims to strengthen cooperation between Ukrainian and international experts to overcome challenges together and ensure reliable communication in all corners of the country


Anna Korzh, a student-marketer Academic and Research Institute of Business, Economics and Management Sumy State University, spent a month doing a volunteer internship in Greece, in the city of Komotini.

Anna: "To begin with, I want to say that this is my first volunteer experience abroad. 

I consider this a significant achievement and a great experience!

I learned about the project on Facebook of the Sumy organization "CEI - CENTER FOR EUROPEAN INITIATIVES". Without thinking, she submitted her application, after which she was selected.

I contributed to the improvement of the Komotini areas by cleaning the beach, the forest and improving the garden. In addition to this, we had lessons in Greek, drawing, hiking in the mountains, yoga on the beach, we trained people with disabilities, played basketball with them. 

In addition to our joint activities, we were divided into three groups. Each group had its own specific goal. I was part of the Team Media team, which managed the host organization's social networks. Almost every day, the team developed a strategy for promotion on the network, shot videos, took photos and storytelling. Thanks to the Department of Marketing, I already had knowledge in the field of SMM, so I performed the assigned tasks without difficulty. I was involved in shooting a master class with VR before the day of the European elections. The project also had a Perpato team working with people with disabilities. A VR team that has been creating many useful things with 3D printing and researching VR glasses. Each of us had our unique experience and shared it with each other.

During our volunteering, we didn't forget to have fun and, more importantly, cross-cultural exchange. During our intercultural evenings, we tried to learn about each other. The Greek, Armenian, Ukrainian and Turkish evenings were so incredible and interesting. We tried great cuisine, danced national dances, listened to national music and discovered the cultural heritage of each country.

I firmly believe that this volunteer project has become a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for each of us, full of wonderful events that will remain in our memories forever!"


From May 20 to 28, 2024, second-year marketing student Anastasia BUDIONNA took part in the "Minimalist living project" youth exchange in Vilnius (Lithuania).

The project aims to promote a minimalist approach as an alternative solution to shopping addiction and thus reduce unnecessary purchases.

Participants from 6 countries: Ukraine, Bulgaria, Turkey, Lithuania, Portugal and Spain shared their own experience, culture and worked together on the topic of the project.

Anastasia: "The theme of minimalism had personal and professional value for me, because I am currently studying at the department of marketing, and in this field, minimalist trends are gaining more and more popularity.

On this project, such topics as: minimalism in general, minimalistic nutrition in view of expenses, oniomania, freeganism, effective budgeting, gift economy and other intermediate topics were revealed and worked out. In addition to lectures, we had the opportunity to work in teams and take part in various workshops. We always had lively discussions and were able to share our thoughts with others. And to increase our cheerfulness and activity, we had fun and sometimes very funny energizers.

In addition to the official part of the project, I cannot but comment on the rich cultural experience, because everyone shared their traditions, dances, songs, and food. Our Ukrainian stream will not be forgotten by any foreigner who joined our dance).

In general, I would like to note that this youth exchange not only improved my professional skills in this topic, but also helped me make new friends, get to know a new culture and overcome my fears about the language barrier. Currently, this is my fourth youth exchange, and I really feel more ease in communicating in English, which has always been quite difficult for me."


On May 24, 2024, another event was held to implement the PROactive week of the Jean Monet project "Health Economy and Policy: European Values for Ukraine." Today, the participants joined the round table "Healthy personality development: values, marketing and promotion" with the participation of experienced speakers: 

  1. Hanna Shvindina -  Doctor of Science, professor, Associate Professor at American University Kyiv, executive director of the NGO "Center for Lifelong Education," who shared her experience in informal education, touched on the issues of social capital development and mental health support;
  2. Maryna Ptashnyk - the founder of the "Common Language" communication school, a communication coach, in whose opinion communication is the best object for investment, and the development of communication skills paves the way not only to personal but also professional development;
  3. Anna Derykolenko - Ph.D., head of the "EDDY Single Digital Educational Space marketing department," shared her experience in using digital technologies and marketing tools for promotion, including educational projects.
  4. Valeriya Koroshchenko - co-owner of the women's creative space "Kolizhanka," whose business aims to develop creative abilities, support mental health, and form a community of like-minded people.

The speakers' speech continued with a lively discussion of the participants within the formed groups for each direction. It ended with summing up the existing problems and prospects of applying the principles, methods, and approaches of formal and informal education, communications, marketing tools, and business and leadership for healthy personality development.

You can watch the recording of the meeting soon on our YouTube channel.  Follow the announcements on social media. 

Certificates will be issued to all meeting participants.


On May 28, 2024, the final event was held as part of the implementation of PROactive Week "Marketing and promotion for a healthy economy" as a part of the Jean Monet project "Health Economy and Policy: European Values ​​for Ukraine." This time, Alina Poznanska - director of the coordination center of the national program "VidNOVA:UA", project design and team development trainer, facilitator, community mentor, entrepreneur, and head of the NGO "City of Active Citizens" - shared her experience in personal and leadership skills development. During the meeting, Alina talked about the fundamental principles of leadership and described the central stereotypes about leaders and leadership; together with the participants, she identified the key skills of a leader, demonstrated the importance of developing these skills in each individual, and provided practical advice for those who want to start their path to personal success. These and other issues, which the speaker touched upon during the conversation with the participants, caused lively interest and admiration among the latter. This event became a source of inspiration and motivation for all participants.
We congratulate all participants on the successful conduct of the event and hope for further cooperation in developing leadership qualities and public initiatives in Ukraine.
You can watch the meeting recording soon on the project's YouTube channel. Follow the announcements on social networks.
Certificates will be issued to all meeting participants.

We want to remind you that the Jean Monet Module project "Healthy economy and policy: European values ​​for Ukraine"(101047530 - ERASMUS-JMO-2021-HEI-TCH-RSCH), which is implemented by the lecturers of the department of marketing of Sumy State University - Ludmila SAHER, Nataliia LETUNOVSKA and Anna ROSOKHATA, aimed at the popularization of European values ​​and the development of a healthy economy and politics in Ukraine.


On May 21, 2024, the participants of the Proactive week of the Jean Monnet project "Healthy Economy and Policy: European Values for Ukraine" had the opportunity to see a vivid and meaningful presentation by Olha Skrypnyk, Deputy Director of "Sumy Promotion Agency".

Olha told us about what attracts citizens to the regional center of the Sumy region, what unique initiatives were initiated by the central coordinator of marketing activities in the city by "Sumy Promotion Agency", what interesting locations are there in the city, what territorial features form a unique positive image and brand of the border city in the eyes of its residents and guests.

We have just started the active week, and on May 24 and 28, no less exciting meetings with famous speakers of Ukraine and the opportunity to express your opinion and hear the views of other participants of the active week await you.