Scientific degree, title:

Dr. Sc., Professor


Associate Professor of the Department of Marketing;
Deputy Chief of the Department for Practice-Oriented Student Study and Integration Relations with HR Customers.

Associate Professor of the Department of Marketing, Deputy Chief of the Department


Contact phone: +38 0501468056

Office: Г-609б

Abstract of the candidate's dissertation

Abstract of the doctoral dissertation

Defended Phd students:

Pimonenko T.V.
Thesis topic: "Organizational and economic bases of environmental audit in the corporate sector" (2013).

Mlaabdal S.M.
Thesis topic: "Development of oil production complex in the national economy  (2019).

Research interests:

green marketing, green competitiveness, corporate governance, alternative energy economics

Scientific projects:

Head of the research project "Innovative transformations in energy for sustainable development and national security: smart technologies and environmental responsibility" (0122U000788), 2022-2024.

Co-executor of the research project "Economic-mathematical modeling and technologies of cross-border energy security management in the conditions of military actions and post-war reconstruction", (0123U101920), 2023-2025.

Head of research project
“Causal Modeling of Stakeholder Collaboration in Green Production: Congruence of Socio-Ecological and Economic Contradictions” (0119U101860), 2019-2021

Co-executor of the international grant Ukraine-Lithuania: “Development of Institutional and Economic Foundations for Sustainable Development and Green Economy at the Regional Level”, 0116U007179 (2016)

Co-executor of research project "Modeling mechanisms for minimizing energy efficiency gaps in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals: a communicative network of stakeholder interaction" (0120U102002, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine), 2020-2022 years

Education and work experience:

2021 – Present Member Ukraine Association of Marketing
2021- Present Member European Marketing and Management Association (EUMMAS)
1 Nov 2020–27 Apr 2021: Doctoral program graduation. Dr. Sc. thesis “Marketing Determinants of Green Competitiveness”, speciality: Economics and Management of Enterprises.
5 Jul 2020 - Present Member European Organization of Scientific Research and Doctoral Studies.
2020 – Present  Member of the editorial board of the scientific journal  "Health Economics and Management Review"
2020 - Present Member of the editorial board of the scientific journal "Innovative Marketing" (Scopus)
2019 - Present Director for Brand Management and Advertising and Information Activities, Oleg Balatsky Academic and Research Institute, Sumy State University.
2019 - Present Associate Professor, Department of Marketing, Oleg Balatsky Academic and Research Institute of Education, Sumy State University.
2018 – Present Member of the editorial board of the magazine "Business Ethics and Leadership"
2018-2019 - Deputy Director for International Affairs, Oleg Balatsky Academic and Research Institute, Sumy State University.
2006 - 2019 Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Entrepreneurship and Business Administration, Oleg Balatsky Academic and Research Institute, Sumy State University.
2006 Associate Professor's Degree in Economics (02DC№011669).
2003 Diploma of Candidate of Economic Sciences (DK № 019216) in the specialty “Nature Use of Economic and Protection of Environment”. Theme of the dissertation research: "Organizational and economic bases of corporate management ecologization".
1998-2001 Postgraduate Studies, Department of Economics, Sumy State University.
1998 Diploma of Economics of Enterprise (SM № 10613349), Sumy State University.
1993-1998 Student, Faculty of Economics, Sumy State University.

B2 sertificate


17.05.21-26.05.21 - «Quantitative and qualitative sociological methods in the work of scientists» (SP №05408289/1793-21, 1,0 ECTS, 30 hours, 2021)

03.11.20-06.11.20 - "Promotion of educational services, or why a teacher needs copywriting" (SP № 05408289 / 2386-20, 1.0 ECTS, 30 hours, 2020)


Supervisor of PhD student, Doctoral Students and Students:

PhD Students: Ivakhnenko Olena, Ryzhkov Vitaliy, Kolesnyk Andriy, Borovik Oleksandr
Doctoral Students: Kovalenko Yevhen



Scientific supervisor of students-winners of the second round of student scientific works in the specialty "Economics of environmental management and environmental protection" and students-prize-winners of the second round of All-Ukrainian student Olympiads in the discipline "Economics of environmental management".
Member of the editorial board of "Business Ethics and Leadership journal".
Member of the editorial board of "Innovative Marketing" journal (Scopus).

International programs:

Internship in Institute for International Cooperation Development “Modern Marketing Research: Cognitive Technologies”, 150 hours (Poznan, Poland, 15 September – 15 October 2020).
(2018). Center for Sociological Research (Igalo, Montenegro).
Theme: Sustainable Development Goals: Challenges and Prospects.
Internship (2017). Institute of Energy and Resources (New Delhi, India).
Topic: An Integrated Approach to Sustainable Development.
Internship (2016). Parliament of Israel (Jerusalem, Israel).
Topic: Green Parliament - theoretical and practical issues of implementation in Israel and Ukraine.
Internship (2016) at Kaunas University of Technology "Economic Fundamentals of Sustainable Development and Green Economy: Challenges for Lithuania and Ukraine".

International projects:

Certificate of registration of the intellectual property right on the scientific work:

  1. Chygryn O.Yu., Kolosok S.I. № 115251. 2022. «Algorithm of factor analysis of energy security of the national economy»
  2. Chygryn O.Yu., Kolosok S.I., Zyabina E.A. № 115412. 2022. «Toolkit for assessing the impact of stakeholder integration into the enterprise management system on the level of their environmentally responsible development»
  3. Chygryn O.Yu., Kolosok S.I., Olefirenko O.M. № 115413. 2022. «Methodological toolkit for the study of the interrelationships of the development of renewable energy and energy innovations at the national economy level»
  4. Chygryn O.Yu., Kolosok S.I., Zyabina E.A. № 115478. 2022. «Scientific and methodological principles of substantiation of quality criteria of marketing communication channels of stakeholders in the formation of green competitive advantages of subjects of economic activity»
  5. Chygryn O., Lyulyov O., Pimonenko T., Zyabina E. №107699. 2021 "Algorithm for substantiating the role of marketing determinants in the formation of competitive advantages of clean production".
  6. Chygrin O., Lyulyov O., Pimonenko T. №107698. 2021 "Scientific and methodological approach to integrated assessment of green competitiveness.
  7. Chygryn O., Lyulyov O., Pimonenko T. №107708. 2021 "Scientific and methodological approach to assessing the capling of the components of green competitiveness of enterprises."
  8. Lyulyov О.В., Pimonenko Т.V., Chygryn O. Y.  №101215 Algorithm for evaluating the effectiveness of the omnichannel marketing strategies to promote products of environmentally friendly production. 
  9. Lyulyov О.В., Pimonenko Т.V., Chygryn O. Y.  № 94321 «Algorithm of estimation of a country's brand as the main driver of ensuring macroeconomic stability of the national economy and sustainable economic growth»
  10. Lyulyov O., Pimonenko T., Chygryn O. № 97999. 2020. "Algorithm for evaluating the relationship between the green brand and greenwashing for foresight sustainability forecasting"